Mari's Place For The Arts


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, we are able to offer a limited number of scholarships for those whose economic situation makes it extremely difficult or impossible to participate in our programs at the normal rate.

These scholarships provide the tuition payment for one class for one season for one student.

If you feel you qualify for a scholarship and have a class that you want to participate in, you can apply for a scholarship by completing the following steps: (Do not attempt to register for a class before you are approved and have received you coupon code.  If you do, you will have to pay the full costs of the class and that is non-refundable.)

1. Register for membership in Mari’s Place For The Arts for the requested season.
          There is a fee of $15 per student per season for this and there are no scholarships to pay for this item.   You can register here.

2. Complete the Scholarship Application.
          There is no costs for this application or the review process.   You can find that here.

3. Submit your proof of qualification.
            This can take the form of a copy of your State of Washington Services Card or a copy of your Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040 for the previous year.  You can email your copy to us at or you can drop it by our office during normal office hours.


Once we have received your complete package, it will be reviewed and if there are funds available and your application is approved, we will notify you.  You will then be provided with a coupon code that you can use during the registration checkout process.  The coupon will deduct the full tuition costs of one class.