Mari's Place For The Arts

Volunteer For Staff

Our volunteers are the keystone to our ability to provide our classes at such affordable rates.  They contribute in a wide variety of areas of responsibility and which involve from a few hours a month to almost full time.

If you would like to contribute to the success and growth of Mari’s Place, you are encouraged to fill out an application and let us find a terrific match between our current needs and your skills, abilities, and available time.

Because we are working with young children, we do perform background checks on our volunteers.  Some of our positions will require a physical presence at the location of classes, while others can be performed off site, some either from your own home.

We are currently actively looking for volunteers for the following areas (if you qualify for any of these, you are certainly encouraged to apply and become part of one of the most rewarding experiences of your life):

Seasonal Setup

Reviews the upcoming class schedule and identifies the class supplies already on hand, develops a list of needed items, arranges for these materials to be available prior to the first session and arranges for their storage between class sessions.

Class Setup

Prior to each class, gathers the necessary supplies and has them ready for the instructor.  May include setting up the classroom arrangements. Works with the instructor to insure proper students are in attendance and assist in registering any new students. Provides administrative oversight of the facility during class sessions.  May involve as little as one day a month or as many as you would like to provide.


Provide photographic record of the various classes.  Taking shots over the course of a season to show the variety of work being done and the progress students are making.  Mostly still work, but can include videos as well and will provide the input for use on social media, website, promotional materials, and presentations. Must provide own photographic equipment.

Instrumental Maintenance

Provide basic maintenance support for guitars, drums, keyboards, etc.  Will involve replacing broken strings, defective cables, etc.  Experience required.   Instruments for upcoming season are to be checked and repaired as required prior to the start of scheduled classes calling for those devices.

Sound Engineer

We need someone to review our inventory of misc equipment and determine what we can use and how to put together equipment groupings which support: electric guitars; keyboards; electronic drums; microphones for singing and for drama presentations; etc.  Recommend any necessary additions to make the systems work and advise how to get the most versatility out of the least amount of inventory.

Administrative Assistant

Work with the Executive Director to provide general office management support.  Will include posting items to the computer, reviewing packages for completeness prior to their final review for approval; handling the mail; opening and closing the facitily as required; tracking bills to source of funds and preparing them for payment; assisting parents with signing up, questions about classes, etc.  Other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Executive Director.  Due to the amount of training required for this position, we are looking for a long term commitment and want to point out that this may entail more hours than most of our positions. It is currently an unpaid position, but as it comes closer to a full time assignment there may be a salary attached.

Donor Management

Oversees the donor program, including recruitment, recognition, and tracking our donors.  May oversee the work of other volunteers in this area of responsibility

Marketing Management

Oversees the overall marketing program including social media, live presentations, and the development of marketing materials.  May oversee the work of other volunteers in this area of responsibility.